Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday 24 November: Bookaroo!

Saturday, 24 November 2012

And so we come to one of the major reasons why I have to come to India now, squink in the middle of a bleeding semester: the fifth Bookaroo Festival of Children’s Literature in New Delhi!

On Saturday, since I had caught a cold, I actually stayed home for much of the day—but I dragged myself and my croaky extra-baritone boomboxvox out to do the doings.  I arrived in time to see much of Sampurna Chattarji’s session, dealing with her new YA book Ela, which showed a serious side to the festival amongst what can often be easy silly pandering to children. 

After several years, it was lovely to meet up again with Sampurna—who had been so instrumental in making The Tenth Rasa happen those years ago, with her incredible translations and her own kheyaal rawsh.  We have since had a few nonsensical adventures, and I was pleased as a syllabub sea that we would be sharing the session for this day.

Here are a few shots from our joint session.  I suppose we might have turned on a few nonsense lights this day--as the book sold out, both Saturday and Sunday!  

Sampurna and The Bong Tree!

Some of the students who saw me at my school visits found me at Bookaroo!


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