Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday 18 November--First Day

While I will do my best to spare you the flotsam and jetsam of my trip, I take the liberty of chipping in a nonsense nugget now and then.  And so... my first full day in Gurgaon, a suburb outside of New Delhi, where massive modern steel and glass skyscrapers meet the mud.  How d’ye do? How d’ye do?  I present here a “Touching Moment,” and perhaps a little nonsensical.  For lunch, Sayoni and Paul (my most magnanimous, munificent, and mutton-bearing hosts) brought me to Delhi Heights, which is neither very high nor in Delhi, where we were seated near an impressive keyboard, behind which was an even more impressive dude with a massively impressive pony tail, and himpostrously impressive soul patch.  He appeared to be singing and playing to Men At Work’s “Down Under,” but then we realized that the keyboard was a sham—and that he was actually hired as a professional karaoke singer.  Here he is:

We spent lunch being serenaded by the greatest hits from the 80s, in full soul patchy, pony-taily, karaokey glory.  But I think my favorite part is the poor fellow at the table there, looking at turns grumpy, and confused, and grumpy. At our table, we were anything but...

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