Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Zoo Reviews

A heartly jell-o to all in Upper Nonsensabad (and even those in Outer Nonsensisthan, even though they have stopped returning my calls). As I promised, I would let you know about the most recent reviews.

The IRSCL has put out TWO reviews, the first of which is available online: HERE. If any of the mellifluous (and melinquent) language in this one sounds familiar, then you have obviously read my introduction!

The ever-bedecktacled Dr. Joseph Thomas Jr. wrote a lovely review that appears in the IRSCL journal. Wanted dead or alive!

Lastly, Dr. Kevin "Bring me a Spigot" Shortsleeve wrote a lovely piece of pumice for the Children's Literature Association Quarterly. This is available through Project Muse (which you need to subscribe to or get through your library). Get to the article through this link, or in the ChLA Quarterly, Volume 33, Number 3, Fall 2008.

Work for the Anthology of World Nonsense is ramping up... more soon!