Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blogger review USA

The US blogostemic blogiferator has turned its eyes to the Book, and Sepia Mutiny (yes) has given us a lovely review. Good to see that the book is actually on some shelves over here in the US, too. Check it out here.

Also, we doff our hats, spats, and polyunsaturated fats to Language Hat, who also gave us a splurb, referring to the above blog. Click here.

And here.

In other news, a few more reviews should be appearing in the near future... And, as the doctor said to the botfly-infested patient, I'll let you know when they emerge.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Winnipeg Wunnerful Wumplings

Ahh, Winnipeg in the spring! Last March, I visited the University of Winnipeg as an Overt Agent of Indian Nonsense. Through the kindness of the English department, and the Center for Research in Young People's Texts and Culture, meaning the munificent Mavis Reimer and cartesian Kevin Shortsleeve, I was able to lecture on Indian nonsense to the general community and visit Professor Shortsleeve's class devoted to nonsense. He beat me to the all-nonsense class, alas! Thanks to everyone involved--A foll-jolly time was had by all, and Indian nonsense continues to spread across the globe in a pandimensional pandemic of pandemonium.

Brief info on the lecture...