Friday, February 14, 2014

The Winners! RivoKids nonsense contest results!

The Winners have been announced for the RivoKids nonsense contest spoonsored and forked by Duckbill Books. I was honored to be the Jerryrigged Jellycal Judge, and I had quite a few wonderful and completely crazy entires. Thank you to all the kids who entered such great pieces of non-binding narwhal-numbing nonpareil nonsense. Here are the winners, with some itty bitty ditties I wrote for each, according to the nonsense pieces they wrote.  See the website for the full poems:
1. Akshay Rajmohan's "Nonsense is a nonsense thing" is here.
2. Abeer Dahiya's "A Silly Poem" is here.
3. Aarushi Dahia's "Wild Gone Wild" is here.

Keep writing nonsense!