Friday, January 17, 2014


Announcing a NONSENSE-WRITING CONTEST for kids, squids, and vermicious knids! Win prizes, fame, fortune, and platypus booty by writing your very own nonsense poetry!

Rivokids and Duckbill Books proudly present this contest--click here to learn more and enter. Also, be sure to click on the link for the "Nonsense Verse Masterclass by Michael Heyman" (me!) for some in-depth ideas on how to write utter-butter-never-stutter-nonsense!!

Here's an idea that will (almost) guarantee you win: you can use poems from This Book Makes No Sense: Nonsense Poems and Worse and The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense as examples and models! 

By the way, I am honored to be the Jovial and Jellyatinous Judge of the contest.  I hope to see YOUR poems soon!

Deadline is February 2nd!

Click HERE for the contest page.

Click HERE for guidelines on writing nonsense!

Click HERE for banana hands.