Wednesday, December 12, 2012

29-30 November, 2012: A mayfly in Calcutta!

Thursday and Friday were spent like the mayfly: a brief fecund flicker-flash! I visited five schools: Calcutta International, Birla Boys School, South City International, and Mongrace Montessori (alma mater of a certain Samit Basu, by the way!).  I send out thanks to the teachers, administrators, and students for welcoming me, keeping me watered and fed and pink and happy.  The events fizzed and zbinged, and I spent a fair amount of time, with Sayoni’s unswerving nonsensical hand and eye, illuminating the book with nonsensical drawings, captions, and signings…  Here are some of the sights and ‘swounds. 

South City
Birla Boys

Mongrace minis!

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