Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Making of The Tenth Rasa--Oxford Bookstore essay

A brief essay on the making of The Tenth Rasa is now available on the Oxford Bookstore website. This essay discusses some of my motivation for heading the project and a few other bits and bobs and fobs and gobs related to the book, the concept of the tenth rasa, and the non-linear weight of a Mephistophelian mugwump. Also, be sure to look at the side-bar to get my favorite nonsense book recommendations!

Click here to see the essay and book recommendations


anita & amit said...

where art thou, earbrass? long time no posts at all... (but yes, i know i owe you a mail!)

Earbrass said...

So sorry! I've been gallooting around the globe in various nonsense missions... some secret, some gleecret. Hope you're well!